1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health

Who We Are

The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health is a partnership between the 1889 Foundation and the Jefferson College of Population Health - Thomas Jefferson University. 
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What We Do

The Center is actively helping existing community organizations that are working to improve health in our region and planning events to help our community members learn to manage their health and improve their quality of life.  The Center is educating residents on preventative care, expecially children, so that we can impact our region long term.

Researching Innovative Systems - the Center assists organizations in identifying evidence-based programs to improve community health and well-being

Managing Data -  Collecting, Analyzing and Reporting - the Center works with organizations in the collection, analysis and presentation of data to guide program and services

Collaborating and connecting community resources - the Center facilitates collaboration among organizations in the community

Building Capacity - the Center identifies new ways to support and enhance existing organizations in their efforts to improve community health and well-being.

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Contact Information

Address Information
1 Pasquerilla Plaza Second Floor Suite 128
Johnstown, PA 15901
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm
Contact: Michelle George
Contact Title: Community Project Manager
Phone: 814-535-5156
Email: michelle.george@jefferson.edu
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